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This are the brochures of our machines and systems. You can save them on your computer by clicking on the picture with the right mouse button and selecting "Save target as ...". You can also view them directly by clicking on the preview picture.

Feel free to contact us for further technical information about our machines and systems. You can contact us directly by using our contact form or you can order our free Product-CD.


glazing systems for jam, jell, incing, fat glaze, butter und cake casting

glazing system
BKL 620/150
glazing system
Basic Line 420/100
glazing system
Premium Line 420/100
fat glazing system
FG 420/100
butter glazing system
BF 640/150

dipping systems for berliner, donuts and cup cakes


glaze dosing unit

icing unit
FDM 240/50

dissolving container and jelly cooker

dissolving container with pump
FA 100/300/500
dissolving container
GA 100/300/500
jelly cooker
GA 2 X 100
jelly cooker with pump
GA 2 x 100


spraying systems fo egg, syrup, oil

egg wash system
ESP 640/50
egg wash system
ESP 640/30
syrup syprayer
SSP 620/30
hand spray system
WEF 30 - 50

customized machines

 inline glazing system
for cookies

aerating technologie

static aerator system


conveyor belts and
conveyor belt tables
baking paper trolley

cooperation projects

oil spraying system for
baking trays and forms
cooling and freezing


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