Dipping systems

for the rational product refinement of bismarcks, donuts and cup cakes

Fondant, fat glazes, ganache or other viscous glazes are difficult to drag through a product bath or glaze from above over a glaze of glaze curtain. When towed through a product bath, unsightly streaks are produced by the conveyor belt on the glazed surface. When glazed over a glaze of glaze curtain, the glaze flows down and forms dripping noses.

It is much easier to pick up a pastry like a donut or a bismarck , dipping it headfirst into a glaze container, or immerse it, let it drain for a short time, then turn it and place it back on the tin or conveyor. Our dipping systems copy and automate the previous, very labor-intensive manual operation. The products receive a uniform glaze edge. For the medium change, only the material heating units need to be replaced.



Your advantages with our patented dipping systems

  • optimal product and process quality
  • free dipping or immersing the products in the material bath
  • fast change of glaze due to mobile material heating units with agitator

Technical highlights

  • Hourly output per machine size of up to 6000 products
  • Effective cleaning due to hygienic design
  • PLC control to adapt to different requirements


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