Static aerator

  • VS-100 DN32

for the rational production of foam masses for fine baked goods such as emulsifier-free biscuit doughs, Viennese masses, cream-based cake fillings, meringue as well as loose quark or yoghurt desserts

Your advantages with our foaming machines

  • optimal quality of product and process
  • receiver tank with or without mixer
  • static foaming in a closed system
  • hardly any product warming due to a process without moving work tools
  • dispersing and foaming(aerating) tube with various filling elements as static tools for different media

Technical advantages

  • aerating without emulsifiers and additives by process splitting
  • production of homogeneous, finely bubbled foams
  • large variety of products due to a new type of filling elements
  • integrated cleaning and disinfection basin
  • effective cleaning due to a hygienic construction
  • PLC/SPC control to adapt to variable requirements

VS-100 DN32

for the aerating of pastries in a continuous process


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